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Common Applications for Current Transformers

Current transformers play an important role in industry today. In fact, they are just as important as potential transformers because they can monitor and detect current flow in a wide range of circuits. There are many uses for CTs, and they can be found in many applications.

Where Meters Cannot Work

It is possible to measure electrical current with a clamp-on ammeter. They are portable, simple to use, and cost-effective. However, clamp-on meters have limits. For example, you would not want to manually meter or measure current in many industrial settings today. Also, a portable ammeter has limits on how much current it can handle. Current transformers solve this problem because they are designed specifically for industrial applications.

Current Limiting

It is important to protect sensitive components in many kinds of industrial applications today. For example, motorized conveyor systems and processing equipment rely on motor control circuits, and current transformers are there to provide valuable overcurrent protection and keep electrical current to safe levels. In fact, numerous industries rely on current transformers.


Making sure current levels stay within spec helps you run a more efficient operation. With a current transformer in place, your readings are not dependent upon capacitance or inductance of the transformer. You can get consistently accurate readings, and it is possible to connect more than one measuring instruments to them.

Current Transformer Applications for Your Business

If you want maximum protection for your control circuits, it is important to have the most effective overload protection. Some applications have special requirements, and custom current transformers from Midwest Current Transformer can give you peace of mind knowing you have the most up to date and efficient protection.

We provide many ways for you to customize your CT applications. Call us toll-free today at 1-800-893-4047 for more information.

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