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Fire Sprinklers Save Lives In Your Home

Blaze Fire Investigation is now know as Anderson Engineering. (updated 6/28/17)

Saving Lives, Not Just Property

Smoke detectors have been alerting people to fire danger in their homes since the 1960s and now residential fire sprinklers are saving even more lives. With 8 out of 10 fire related deaths being the result of home fires, it makes sense to invest in both detection and extinguishing equipment in your home to reduce the risk of death in a fire by 82%. The development and use of fire sprinklers began back in the 1800s to protect warehouses and factories where property was stored in large quantities. It took many large fire tragedies in hotels and multi-family residences to direct attention to the need for fire sprinklers to save lives and not just property. Now many states are contemplating the adoption of building codes that require home sprinkler systems in newly constructed homes, led by the state of California with a law that became effective in 2011.

How Home Fire Sprinkler Systems Work

Fire damage to a home with a home sprinkler system installed is minimal. You have probably noticed sprinklers in commercial buildings because they are sometimes unsightly but home fire sprinklers can look as unobtrusive as a small circular panel on the ceiling. Unlike smoke detectors, the sprinklers are activated by heat and not smoke. When activated, the sprinklers only switch on where the heat is detected, not through the whole house. Because of their quick response time, a home fire can be extinguished in minutes, often before the fire department even has the chance to arrive at the scene. They also use less water because the fire is still small and damage to the structure and its contents is limited to the immediate area of the fire.

How to Get Home Fire Sprinklers

Fire damage to a home that did no have a home sprinker system can be extensive.The easiest installation of a home fire sprinkler system is when a new home is being constructed but it is also possible to retrofit older homes. The system will be designed to cover most areas of your home and operates off of your water main. One sprinkler can cover an area of 12’ by 12’ and small non-livable areas such as bathrooms and closets are not included. Plastic pipe is installed behind walls and ceilings and attach to the individual sprinklers. Ask your contractor about adding this life saving feature that will also increase the resale value of your home in the future.

Protect Your Family and Your Home

Once installed, fire sprinkler systems need minimal maintenance. They also can be considered environmentally friendly because they use less water than firefighting, and they minimize the transfer of toxins from burnt materials to waste water. The most important reason to get a home fire sprinkler system is to protect your family from injury or death. No one expects a fire to happen, but if it does, investing in fire sprinklers at home can mean the difference between a bright future or none at all.

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