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Metering Vs. Protective Current Transformers

The wheels of industry are turned by some very large drive systems. However, some of the biggest machinery is controlled by much smaller control circuits. Current transformers help to keep these circuits running smoothly. Some CTs can effectively monitor current while others provide valuable protection. Here is a closer look at the differences and similarities of protective and metering current transformers.

How CTs Work

To better understand protective and metering transformers, it is good to know how they operate. A current transformer does not raise or lower voltages like potential transformers (which you may see on utility poles near houses). Current transformers see a lot of use in control circuits, and they can raise or lower current levels and monitor current flow like an ammeter.

Protective Transformers

Protection current transformers help the current travel through the load (wires, connections, or starters, relays, or contactors). Current cannot flow until the protective transformer terminals reach a certain voltage.

Metering Current Transformers

Metering CTs work much like portable clamp-on ammeters, except they usually have more range. They can monitor current flow and give you readings of the current usage.

Benefits of Protective Transformers

Many control circuits have small and sensitive components. In fact, they may be very sensitive to overcurrent conditions. A protective transformer works like a circuit breaker to keep current levels safe and protect circuit components from dangerously high current levels.

Metering Transformer Benefits

Metering CTs cannot provide overload protection because unsafe current levels would be past the saturation point. They keep track of and measure current in the circuits to help you avoid problems associated with high or low current levels. When you need the best source for your protective or metering current transformers, come to Midwest Current Transformer. You can call us toll-free today at 1-800-893-4047 for more info.

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