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Specifications And Use Of Current Transformers For Power Circuits

At Midwest Current Transformer, we specialize in the manufacturing of standard and fully customized current transformers for power circuits. Our products are used to drop down the voltage or current in power circuits to be at a level that can be safely used by measuring equipment.

In order for this type of step down to work and provide accurate measurement, the current transformers have to be precisely designed and manufactured, as any deviations or differences in windings and in current transformer components can result in a negative impact on the accuracy of the measurement of the power through the system.

The Windings

To ensure there is negligible impedance, the primary winding in any current transformer is connected in series with the power circuit. The power system provides the current that passes through the primary winding, which then moves through the secondary winding. The secondary winding usually comprises of increased windings, allowing for the step down of the current or voltage to the required needs for the measuring equipment.

The magnitude of this secondary current through the current transformer is specifically related to the turns ratio between the primary and secondary windings.

Choosing the Current Transformer

The key considerations when using a current transformer in a circuit is to know the voltage output required to make the system safe as it relates to the voltage and current levels.

Through both protective relaying and measurement of the current and voltage, the system circuit switches can be opened or closed, allowing for the protection of equipment being used or connected to the circuit. At the same time, the current transformer has to be selected to match the maximum voltage through the system to prevent core saturation.

Before choosing any current transformer, talk to the experts at Midwest Current Transformer. We can answer your questions and ensure you choose the ideal current transformer for the application.

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