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Technical Parameters of an Instrument Current Transformer

The current transformer is one in which the unit measures the current of another circuit. It is combined with an ammeter within its own circuit to carry out this measurement. Measuring high-voltage current in a direct manner requires the insertion of a measuring instrument into the circuit. This is an unnecessary task and problem which would lower the current it is meant to measure.In addition, the heat generated in measuring equipment from the high current would provide inaccurate readings. However, measuring the current in an indirect manner with a current transformer is much more practical and accurate. At Midwest Current Transformer, our work involves the manufacture of standard and custom design instrument current transformers to meet various industry requirements.

Current Transformer Function

A current transformer’s operation can be viewed in a better light by comparing it to the operational voltage transformer. Remember that in the voltage transformer, an alternating magnetic field within a coil in a circuit is set up by alternating current in one circuit. The iron core is wrapped with the coil. From the iron core the magnetic field spreads virtually undiminished to another coil at another circuit which does not have a power source.

Uses of a Current Transformer

An important operation of the current transformer is to find out the current in the circuit. This is useful for the monitoring of high-voltage lines within a power grid. Another use of the current transformer is its use in domestic electric meters. The current transformer combines with the meter to measure the customer’s electric usage, enabling the determination of what to charge the customer.

An additional operation of the current transfer is the protection of sensitive measuring equipment. The current in the transformer can be made smaller to a significant degree than the current in the primary circuit measured by increasing the number of secondary windings.

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