Custom Current Transformer Design and Build

Is a leader among custom current transformer manufacturers, Midwest Current Transformer provides an extensive range of high voltage transformers to customers across the region. We offer custom design services that go beyond simply provide our customers with standard current transformer units. In most cases, we are able to provide our expertise and standard lead times at no additional cost to help you obtain the optimum transformer solution you need.

Custom Design Current Transformer Elements

Current Transformers (CTs) are applied in two main applications – for protection and for the measurement of current/power. We manufacture custom designed current transformers to meet the needs of both applications.

When it comes to the custom design and engineering of current transformers, the following customized elements are often requested:

  • Metering
  • Relaying
  • Over current protection
  • Retrofit Physical Specs
  • Core/Coil Size
  • High voltage insulation
  • Customized Documents
  • Primary Disconnects
  • Additional taps
  • Enclosed cases
  • Special Certifications

Applications for Custom Transformers

A variety of applications utilize custom current transformers, including:

  • Revenue metering (for utility companies)
  • Current measuring applications
  • Providing isolation between metering and protection circuits
  • Power grid operation monitoring
  • The safe measurement of large currents (often when high voltages are present)

We are able to handle highly customized applications to help you secure the exact current transformer solution you need. Our team is highly experienced in the design and manufacturing process to accommodate your specific design requests, including specific multi ratio current transformer options.

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