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At Midwest Current Transformer, we offer pre-manufactured current transformers (CT) to meet the needs of numerous power applications. Through our custom design and manufacturing services, we can provide you with the best high voltage current transformer solution possible in terms of accuracy, size, mounting options, burden rating, ratio, multiple tabs, and contacts.

1a and 5a Current Transformer Operation

Current transformers are designed for current metering and protection purposes and high-voltage network systems. These devices transform the high current present on the high voltage side into low current (1A or 5A) in a sufficient amount to be processed for the protection measurement of instruments (i.e. recorders, relays, or other secondary equipment). A 1 amp or 5 amp current transformer also serves to isolate the high-voltage from the monitored circuit from the measuring instruments.

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You can search our extensive product database by using our advanced product search tool. Right here on our website you can filter your search by ratio, window size range, volt amps, accuracy, or product number to find the specific products that interest you.

Regardless of whether you need a 1a current transformer, 5a current transformer, CT class 5p20 model, or other type of instrument current transformer, we recommend choosing a style first – either solid ring core or oval CT Then, choose a model based on the size of the conductor being measured and the maximum current load you are measuring.

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