At Midwest Current Transformer, we offer pre-made current transformers (CT) for a wide array of power applications, including the RC series current transformer. If you need an order of customized transformers per your requirements, we have you covered. We provide transformers with customized features and capabilities regarding size, ratio, burden rating, accuracy, terminals, multiple taps, and mounting options

For more than five decades, we have served as a leader in the current transformer industry in design and production. With the premier focus on providing first-in-class current transformer equipment, we offer standard and custom solutions to meet your individual operational and production requirements.

Midwest Current Transformer’s RC Series

Our current transformer RC series is used extensively for applications involving metering, current monitoring, and/or protection. These transformers are manufactured with a M4 electrical grade steel core that is wrapped with copper magnetic wire and contained in a black polycarbonate case. This series of current transformers is also built with 2 foot long lead wires. The RC series current transformer is CSA approved, UL recognized, and meets the requirements of Rohs and IEEE/ANSI C57.13.

Standard Features

The standard features of the RC series current transformer include:

  • Ratio to 1 and 5 amps
  • The VA output capacity is from 1VA to 2VA
  • Toroid form (donut type)
  • Leads are 24" in length
  • Polycarbonate case
  • 600 Volt insulation is standard

Options for the RC Series

Design options for the RC series transformer include:

  • Special lead lengths
  • Ratio to 0.1 and 0.2 amps

We also offer custom designs. Whether you need a toroidal current transformer design, donut type current transformer design, or any specific design requirements, we can provide it.

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