Transformers are designed to give you the right kind of voltages you need for your applications. Some have wiring wrapped around cores, and others have no cores. However, anywhere you see the need for things to run on less than standard voltages, transformers are there. Yet, some transformers (the current metering transformer) have the ability to monitor current. Here is info on how they work and some of their benefits.

What is a Current Monitoring Transformer?

A voltage transformer can raise or lower voltage coming into it. Current transformers can measure circuit current. For instance, the secondary current is proportional to the primary side. Why monitor current?

In control circuits, a small increase in current may burn out a vital component. One bad component can shut down an entire system. With a current transformer, you do not have to worry about common issues like lightning strikes and overloaded circuits.

Relay Class CT

All circuit transformers have a relay accuracy class like relay class CT for example. For instance, a “C” rating tells you where you can install them and some transformers may overload if close to higher voltages.

Finding the Best Source for Your Current Metering Transformer

Current transformers offer valuable overload protection. When you need constant current in your circuits, come to Midwest Current Transformer. We have been taking care of customers’ needs for more than half a century. Call us today at 1-800-893-4047 for more information on your transformer needs.